The  Editor-in-Chief  of  Indonesian  Aquaculture  Journal  (IAJ)  would like  to  thank  reviewers  who  have voluntarily participated in reviewing the articles published in this journal. Their participation has ensured the on-time publication of IAJ volumes. The reviewers who participated in the publication of IAJ Volume  16 Number 1, June 2021 are as follows:

  1. Prof.  Dr.  Rudhy  Gustiano  (Genetic,  Institute  for  Freshwater  Aquaculture  Research  and  Fisheries Extension,  Indonesia)
  2. Prof.  Dr.  Haryanti  (Genetic  and  Biotechnology,  Institute  for  Mariculture  Research  and  Fisheries Extension,  Indonesia)
  3. Ali  Reza  Radkhah,  Ph.D.  (Aquaculture  and  Fisheries  Biotechnology,  Departement  of  Fisheries, University of Tehran, Iran)
  4. Dr.  Imron  (Genetic,  Research  Institute  for  Fish  Breeding,  Indonesia)
  5. Dr. Michael A. Rimmer (Aquaculture, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia)
  6. Hatim Albasri, Ph.D.  (Aquaculture, Center for Fisheries  Research, Indonesia)
Posted: 2021-06-02


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Posted: 2021-03-29
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