Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, you can, as long as the manuscript fits the scope of Jurnal Kebijakan Sosial Ekonomi Kelautan dan Perikanan. See the scope of our Journal here

a. Go to OJS homepage
b. Register on the register menu, then fill in the profile and script metadata on the OJS
c. Upload script and supplementary files
d. Monitor the progress of your manuscript regularly on OJS

The duration of publication really depends on the condition and feasibility of the manuscript, the review process, the revision by the author, and the queue of manuscripts. Under normal circumstances, the publishing process takes 6 months from the time the manuscript is submitted

You can see the progress of your manuscript on the OJS and the application here

The LoA is issued once the manuscript is approved by the Editor in Chief to be published in the journal based on the reviews and recommendations from the section editor. Therefore, it is important to understand the procedures for handling and publishing our journal manuscripts. See the journal publishing procedure here.

Jurnal Sosial Ekonomi Kelautan dan Perikanan published 2 times a year, in June and December.

Every manuscript submitted or published in the Jurnal Kebijakan Sosial Ekonomi Kelautan dan Perikanan will not have any “Article Processing Charges” (free of charge). This includes submitting, peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full text versions of the articles to support the greater global exchange of knowledge. Open Access publishing implies that all readers, anywhere in the world, are allowed unrestricted access to the full text of the article, immediately on publication in the journal. No payment is collected from the readers for accessing and using the articles.

We understand how important is your manuscript to you. However, we also need to keep the quality of the published articles in order to disseminate the valuable knowledge, insights, and scientific writings in this journal globally by carrying out a series of reviews, editing and revision processes on the manuscript. We are committed to do our best to speed up the review process. However, it is also important for the authors to support these processes by complying following requirements:
a. Make sure that you have followed author guidelines prior to the submission, including format of manuscript, grammar, citations and references. Please find detail of the guidelines in our website menu.
b. We strive to ensure that the published articles are of good quality as a source of knowledge and reference in the socio-economic field. For this reason, it is important for you to revise the manuscript based on input and suggestions from reviewers and editors.
c. We really appreciate your precious time. However, it is important to revise your manuscript before the due date.

Sure, you can. Please feel free to contact our support team on whatsapp : 0813 – 1427 – 8709