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Dear. Mr/Mrs/Mr/i
Experts, Researchers, the academic community (lecturers and students), and practitioners
SEGARA Journal (p-ISSN: 1907-0659, e-ISSN: 2461-1166) is a journal published by the Marine Research Center, 
Marine and Fisheries Research and Human Resources Agency, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), with
the aim of disseminating information on the development of science in the marine sector in Indonesia, such as:
oceanography, acoustics and instrumentation, senses, non-living resource areas, energy, underwater archeology
and the environment.
We hereby invite Mr/Mrs/Sdr/i to submit their papers in the form of quality scientific manuscripts so that they can 
be published in the Segara Journal Vol. 18 of 2022 published in April, August and December.

Papers can be submitted online (online submission), where the format and guidelines can be found on the web 
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